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on january 17, 2011 my wife and I went back to Dr. Eric Flores to check on my suture, remove the gauze and the staple wires 🙂 the initial readings of the biopsy were also out that day. if only Doctor Flores can only give us another result he would have but there was no other way to say it and all we can do is accept it and let it sink for a moment.  it was the longest 30minutes of my life. at that point Dr. Flores wasn’t my doctor anymore he was talking to me as more like a friend  “i’m sorry pare, i wish it was something else.”  my mind was twirling like a car at 140kph, i didn’t know what to think or say, i was just nodding my head as if i was in approval. nina and I went to the chapel of MMC, nina cried by my side, i didn’t, i can’t there was just so many questions in my mind, but i can’t dare ask Him, i let one thing let out tho “what  plans do you have for me and for how long?” Silence, i was trying to listen but there was so much noise in my heart and mind.   later when we got home i told my dad about my condition he cried and said “sana akin na lang ang sakit mo kasi matanda na ako. God has plans for you. gagaling ka.”    Dr. Flores referred me to Dr. Alemany( neuro surgeon) to discuss my  immediate treatment.  but Dr. Alemany had a better idea he referred me to Dr. Jullette Batara (neuro-oncologist) from St. luke’s Medical Center GlobalCity she discussed with me and nina the treatments that i’ll be getting. one of which is a 30 day

radiation therapy 5 days a week for 6 weeks straight and oral chemo –therapy temodal for 42 days 7 days a week.  by the way my Radio-oncologist is Dr. GaudencioVega who is a very good friend of my wife’s Ob-GYN and my kid’s Pedia. God is indeed good my doctors know a good deal about each other. i feel so blessed

my treatment started  last january26, 2011 and so far the only side effect that i’m experiencing is hair fall from radiation, my taste is a bit affected due to the chemo meds, constipation which is very common, fatigue after each chemo other than that nothing else. good thing that my appetite is still ok and that i have no diet restrictions. Dra. batara advised me that this is the best time that i should be eating well since chemo meds makes patients very weak.  i always have green mango whenever i can sarap!!!, oranges, apples grapes,  cranberry juice tons of pineapples for fiber, wheat bread. after each RT session me and my wife would go straight to father pio center in libis to ask for st. pio’s intercession to help me through this battle 🙂

i will do my best to update this blog from time to time for any developments and what nots.

    may i also request that you put on a smile 😀 whenever you pray or think of me. your positive vibes will go a long way:) for my recovery.
  1. Pareng Jason:

    I received the message from Jill that you were indeed in the biggest challenge of your life. I read your post, it saddens me that this has to happen to you. But at the same time, you are right and i also believe that the powers up above gives us the challenge to test us because that same power knows us better than ourselves. I just want you to know that you have us your friends in the industry, your wonderful family who is beside you at your back. Thank you for publishing this entry and we would definitely be behind you wherever this journey takes you. Remember we started from nothing and to nothing we shall go back. But i believe that hope and faith are stronger than this fact. Cherish what you have, continue to believe and have faith. I know you are strong and good person. You got us all the way my friend. Just offer it up to the heavens and don’t lose the faith. May you prosper and hopefully hurdle this challenge…Walang bibitiw, laban!

    Your friend from 8k++ miles away,

    Mike M.

    • brother mike thanks so much! makes me feel better to know that i have friends like you. please keep on praying for me as i also pray for those who pray for me so that the Lord will also give them strength to never let up in times like these.

  2. pete says:

    hi jason. i just learned everything from sunshine last night. and until now i can’t really believe that this is happening. well, i think there’s really a big reason behind it. just keep on praying my friend. Will go to church one of these days to offer mass every sunday for your speedy recovery. Cheer up bro! Be strong, God is with you. We miss you…

  3. sarah calayag-tantengco says:

    hi jason, your courage is so inspiring. When you’re through with your procedures, shall we dance again? Looking forward to that. Keep the faith. If we could be of any help apart from prayers, please let me know. 🙂

  4. Sherille Romero says:


  5. pajammy says:

    We love you, Buera! You know that!

    Excited na kami for our dinner.. Can’t wait to cook for you, Nina and the babies 🙂

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