shaved!! and i like it!!

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

yesterday February 14,2011, one of my angels pledged to get me a decent Phillips hair clipper. thanks so much!!!! 🙂  After my radiation therapy Nina and I went to the Link to get the clipper  since my hair had started to fall-off as of last Saturday.  imagine this clumps of hair freely falling off with just a slight whisk of air from the desk fan. when i looked down to the floor to check, it was as if i was getting a haircut already. just sitting in front of the desk fan 🙂  so last night, with my dad’s help he first trimmed my long hair then i helped him shave the remaining off. i think my dad is a frustrated barber he did a very decent job doing my hair last night 😀 i should have one this a long time ago!! it fits me and I like it!! feels so light!! it could’ve help trim my 10Km  PR!!! will i keep my hair this way after this ordeal, maybe i will, beats going to the salon  anytime!! and i get to do it on my own, that’s the part that i like best. 🙂  Thanks again for the clipper!!!

  1. mae corral says:

    cool! i know that look will fit you J! can’t wait to see …SOON!

  2. Jill says:

    Picture picture picture!

  3. pajammy says:


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