how is my treatment administered

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

looking back at my blog i haven’t really talked about my treatment, radiation therapy(RT) and Oral chemo-therapy(OC)(temodal) for 42 days straight including weekends..  everyday for 30 days (5x a week) i am subjected to radiation therapy(IMRT) for about 15mins  per day, St. Luke’s Global has a Linac Machine(linnear accelerator machine, that does IMRT .

but before Radiation therapy, i have to take in my oral chemo-therapy med an hour before my RT. I have to fast for at least 4hours before taking it. I make it a point to eat early lunch so that my fasting starts at 12nn and stretch my fasting for 5 hours. Imagine how famished I am after my therapy feels like I haven’t had any meal for days 🙂 after my RT that’s the only time i can eat. it’s good that my appetite is not affected by my treatments. i guess i even gained weight. sometimes nina and I would have dinner at ” the market at the 5th.” a nice place to dine inside st. Luke’s global city a bit expensive tho. then there’s via mare as well. but there’s this quaint little canteen near the chapel on the 5th level of st. Luke’s which is catered by the famous hizon’s catering. it’s cheaper there but the food is fantastic, they have so many choices, it’s like eating in your school canteen but only better food/price and quality. now i’m hungry!! as of this writing i’m waiting here at radio-onco room for my RT. my last meal was at 1130am grumble!! grumble!!

  1. jonathan del rosario says:

    classmate, hope you get well soon… after reading your blog, i know your going to overcome all this because your strong person. always keep your faith to God and trust everything on Him. my family and i will pray for you.
    read Hebrews chapter 11.

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