so how am I feeling now -Physically

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

this week , i was feeling weak since last Monday, i was having a hard time walking, i was half dragging half lifting my left thigh just to be able to walk, i thought it was because of the  chemo-therapy, as per my doctor it could probably because of the side effects of the steroids. every Monday i have to do blood tests to check on my kidneys, blood count and etc. my blood test showed that i am low on sodium NaCl (sodium Chloride)thus affecting my overall strength , so my doctor had me take sodium supplements! and voila!!in just a day (thank God!)I’ve regained my leg strength, been better since yesterday, i was able to walk on my own, stand up-right faster, better balance, i can lift my left leg better with very minimal effort 😀 as of this writing i am at work walking around(my desk to printer desk, my desk to wash room) to exercise my leg.yesterday i had physical and occupational therapy sessions, as i have mentioned in my previous posts , my left arm and hand had weakened. in one of my activities yesterday i had a shoulder ladder exercise, i was surprised that i was able to lift the bar  by about5 inches off the board using my left arm, i am so happy! my OT also said that he felt a resistance as well, it means my arm is responding 🙂

ETO NA!!I have rashes on my face as well because of the chemo  meds

  1. mae corral says:

    yeahhh! thats what i am talking about!!! SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! by the way that haircut … ROCKS!

  2. Wyeth says:

    Finaly saw u thru d pix!u look better dan i imagined:-)d n tau na2loy mglunchout!haha..ano,game na?

  3. dolly says:

    it’s good to hear how you were responding to the treatment..keep your spirit high always!

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