i complain a lot (i used to)

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

last night feb 18, after my therapy, nina and i had decided to have dinner already since my last meal that i had was at 1030am! it’s because of the 3-hour fasting i have to commit to before my Spinal MRI at 1pm and RT and OC at 5pm(busy day for me at the hospital :D. anyway so we went to this resto ordered food and silently enjoyed our meal. then there is this couple just sitting beside our table,the guy called up the head waiter and complained about the rudeness of the other waiter who served their food and. etc. Nina and i we’re like “what’s the biggie?”

anyway, this got me thinking, i also used to complain a lot well not like that unreasonable guy but i complain of the small stuff even to my self, like the daily traffic to work, those wayward motorcycle drivers,  when i don’t get a good parking slot(yeah i like a good parking slot! haha!! ) but when God gave me this trial, it kind of slowed me down and think that i shouldn’t be complaining, there are other people who have more issues than my  “small stuffs” to think about so instead of complaining, why not just thank God that i really don’t have anything to complain about and top sweating out the small stuff, it will just ruin my day and bring negative thoughts instead of positive ones. So to you who is reading my blog now,please, slow down for a while and think about what you have to thank for each day to the Lord. Me? i thank God every time i wake up in the morning.  i am happy 🙂 and thankful that i am still alive and undergoing medication. happy to be still able to hug and kiss my wife and kids, share my ordeal to the world and hopefully save/touch someone’s else’s life thru my story.

  1. wyeth says:

    korek k jan pards.its cliche bt still ppl nevr get it..AMEN tlga 4d gft of wakng up evryday!

  2. wye says:

    korek ka jan pards!its cliche bt stil ppl nvr get it.AMEN 4d gft of wakng up evryday.

  3. sherille romero says:


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