good news today :)

Posted: February 19, 2011 in developments, treatment

yesterday february18,2011 i had a three hours and fourty five minutes spinal MRI session to check if my cancer cells have spread in my spinal area. this morning we went to my neuro-oncologist for th results. Thank God that the results were negative. so less issue to worry about. prayers can really move mountains.there is really so much to be thankful for. i am down yet the HE still lifts me up and carries my burdens. I can’t help but cry tears of joy.

today february19,2011, my team mates from RCBC ASD5 visited me at home,it felt good to see old friends, i feel so recharged! thanks to kai,chang, erin, lei, annie and hubby, special thanks to esdee for the prayer before meals,we feel so blessed:) thanks to aaron tigas as well,my officemate from bpi who took time to visit me,thanks for the pineapples!! thank you Lord for giving me friends like them-sabi nga “priceless!” because you get to keep them forever! again, thank you! thank you!


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