high school friends

Posted: February 23, 2011 in developments, treatment

some of my high school friends visited me tonight travelling all the way from Malolos, Bulacan just to see me and wish me well, thank you so much Roechelle and hubby, dolly dela cruz, if only you can be my full time PT:) that’ll be great, Rowena Gutierrez Sacay,thank you for squeezing me in your busy skeds just to see me i appreciate it very much. you guys are really god’s gift to me. thanks for always being there.

on another note today is the 21st day of my  RT and day29th of my OC. Thank you Lord!!

and Lucas is now 7 months old!! love you lucas love you jolo!! daddy will get better soon. i promise!!!

  1. dolly says:

    basta keep on exercising and cyempre un will power jason,if near nga lang house u,y not?i’m willing to therapy u fren..prayers can move mountains and keep your faith palagi,kaya u yan..:)

  2. jeng toronto says:

    sama na kami kina lucas at jolo… we’re all counting on that promise pre! fight! fight! God bless you and beautiful family 🙂

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