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Posted: March 1, 2011 in brain cancer awareness, fund raising project, Uncategorized


Jason Buera wants to know: “What’s in your head?”

Before December 2010, there were a lot of things in Jason’s head – his wife Nina, his three-year-old son Jolo, his six-month-old baby Lucas, his work, his love for photography, his passion for running, the next wedding he’ll shoot. He thought about cars, Playstation games, food. He thought about normal things.

But right around Christmas, Jason noticed changes in his body. His left hand was moving unusually slow and everything he ate seemed bland. His left hand couldn’t hold on to the lightest of things – his grip wasn’t as strong as it was before.

Doctors found two mass lesions in his brain. And in January, after brain surgery and a series of tests, the doctors had news for Jason – he had brain cancer. Brain cancer. At 32 years old.

Since then, Jason has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He, his family and friends are strong and determined to win this fight against cancer.

And while his head is still full of thoughts of the things he loves, he now has to think of things like steroids, tumors and anti-bodies.

Battling cancer is difficult physically, emotionally and financially – even more so when you have two small children to raise – so Jason’s friends have kicked off a series of projects that aim not just to raise funds for Jason’s treatment but to help spread awareness about brain cancer.

Because it can happen to anyone.

You can help too.

Photographer Jill Lejano, who Jason often joins for wedding shoots and who has shot everyone from Heart Evangelista and Lenka to Glee’s Harry Shum Jr., we will hold the first “Gray Matters” photo session on March 20 at Daylight Studio in Cubao X.

Participants will pay a fee of P1000 (there’s a student rate of P500) to join the shoot. Two kinds of photographs will be taken of each participant – one is their portrait and the other is their special Gray Matters mugshot. They will be asked to answer the question “What’s in your head?” and pose with their answers mugshot-style. Participants will be encouraged to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking sites to help spread awareness about brain cancer.

All proceeds from the photo session will be used to fund Jason’s treatment.

If you wish to participate, e-mail

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  2. Reymos says:

    I wish that I could join this great cause. Good luck and we pray for Jason’s recovery!

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