updates on my treatment and physical condition

Posted: March 3, 2011 in developments, my physical condition, treatment, Uncategorized

a lot of my angels have been sending me messages  on YM , FB, Skype and BBM  asking me how i’m doing. i apologize if i can not reply on time or my response is just so late.  anyway to update you folks of my condition and my treatments, my radiation therapy sessions and oral chemo will be done by next week march 8 tho my oral chemo therapy will still continue after28 days on a regular cycle after which i’ll be under going another MRI session to check on the squatters in my brain if they have been evicted or if their household numbers have shrunked to oblivion and pray that the Lord will never let them squat again in my brain or where ever they may please and that they never come back forever>: stupid cancer cells!!  my steroids supplements have been reduced which is good, i will be off of it soon.

physically i’m ok, my last weigh in was at 72kg lol! to my running buddies i can’t wait to go back to running…in time 🙂  my appetite is still the same strong as ever, my mouth sores-side effects of radiation are almost healed and dried up already, i have more baby hair now than Lucas thinking of shaving my hair skinhead style 😀  on my PT and OT sessions today i was able to lift a light wooden bar on my own using my left arm and i was also able to grip  very light plastic toy balls and blocks tho with much effort but its a milestone for me, i was also able to grip on a thera-putty, it’s like clay-doh but hospital grade material 🙂 tiring day but all worth it!!  and i offer it all to HIM!!

what i eat now? wheat bread, i use more brown sugar lots of milk, lots of vegetables and fruits, less red meat, more chicken (white meat) , fish, eggs(hard boiled) nuts, dark chocolate in moderation, pureed fruits like avocado and papaya. its like home made ice cream!!!  i sleep aound 1030 to 11pm and wake up exactly after about7-8 hours  straight that’s how tired i am each day.  so there you go! btw please don’t forget our gray matters-project see you guys there!!! thanks and God Bless us all!!


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