Posted: March 9, 2011 in brain cancer awareness, developments, treatment, Uncategorized

thank you so much to all my angels , you know who you are, thank you for your prayers, support love and cheers smiles, hugs kisses, messages.  i can never thank you angels enough no words can describe how overwhelmed i am and my family at this point in our lives, from the very bottom of our hearts, thank you very very much.  we still have a long way to go but with HIM and you guys around there’s no falling back.  😀

my RT and OC ended yesterday but i will be given i.v. chemo for the next few days, again this is related to the pnet foci stuff  a couple of blogs ago. i’ll be confined for 5 days at st. luke’s global next week (march14)for treatment and to be closely monitored by my doctor  will be needing tons and tons of prayers:) i already had one  i.v. session done so this is to continue the rest of the treatment.

PS:we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the campaign we’re still working on the site and the teasers as for now please read here


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