i.v. chemo update

Posted: March 17, 2011 in brain cancer awareness, developments, my physical condition, treatment

today will be my4th day this week for i.v, chemo( 5th dose or cycle)then hopefully i’m checking out by Friday thank Godi have no major side effects so far like vomiting, dizziness,one of my nurses said that it seems i’m reacting positively with my treatments my blood work  are all ok as well according to my neuro-oncologist i hope and pray it stays the same  Until i get home c 😀 i’m missing my boys so much,  Jolo had slight fever last weekend then Lucas just last Tuesday but they are all ok now.

Jill Lejano, Pam Pastor and Tatin Yang joined me and my sister Ella while waiting for Nina last night here at the hospital:D thank you guys! had a hearty discussion and tons of laughter what do you expect? lol!!pam good luck with those letters:)

i also want to thank a lot of additional angels who greeted and supported me, don’t want to name names but you know who you are thank you guys , you have extended my stay here on earth God bless you all!! thank you to my prayer warriors and cheering squads, schoolmates classmates, batch mates,(feu’99/RCC’95,’94)


yep! i wrote that note on nina's board 🙂 it just fits perfectly.

shy kalbo

see you guys on the 20th of march!!!


  1. toyang samonte says:

    you’re such an inspiration. Happy to know that treatments are going positive. We (macho, elvis and luna) always smiling for you.

  2. donskie says:

    Glad that you’re doing great with the treatment. I’m praying that it will stay that way. Nothing’s impossible with God =) God bless you! see you soon!

  3. Jill says:

    Haha na shock ba si Niña? lol

    Ask Ella for the contact numbers ha. 😀

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