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It’s been more than six months since I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since then, I realized how blessed I was. Even if I was kind of, walking on the dark side, because I’ve been a non-practicing catholic for some time.  I can’t recall how many Sundays I missed to hear mass as compared to how I was before. I used to hear mass every Wednesday after the novena to our Lady of perpetual help, first Friday masses, and holidays of obligations even. It’s not that I don’ pray any more but I just got so comfortable thinking HE’S just around, near me. You might say I’m crazy, how can I say that I’m blessed when I can die with this disease-anytime. Well after I was informed of my condition I’ve realized   HE still let me live.  HE could’ve taken me in an instant like a severe heart attack or stroke, road accident or whatever, but no.  Is it a coincidence that my sis-in-law was a cardiologist? I guess not, how about my neurologist being her professor back in med school?  That my neuro – surgeon was the best in manila having been trained in the U.S. My neuro-oncologist was also one of the best (as of the time we met her, manila had only two neuro-oncologist).  my radio –oncologist was my Ninong Mario’s (my mom’s brother-in-law) professor in radiology back in med school? I guess – no. now I really believe that HE had planned everything for us even before we were born.  Even more blessings are the angels, cheering squad or friends who always kept our spirits up, will travel from the province just to see me here in manila.  Those who were so worried, when I didn’t go online for weeks.  Those who made fund raising a part of their precious time and sharing their talents and resources. My photog –  colleagues.  My friends from elementary, high school and college who made me feel like we never missed a day to communicate.  It’s as if we were just in school the day before they visited me. My friends from my previous employers, from unionbank, rcbc and bpi, it’s as if I still work with them. My colleagues from CCK.  I thank the Lord for giving me friends like you guys. And of course my family, my dad, my siblings, my aunts and uncles from both sides, my cousins you’re a crazy bunch!!  My mo-in-law,  my bro and sis-in -laws, relatives-in law. friends from banco de oro.  But most specially my own family, my ever patient, understanding and loving wife and my two boys. You’re my best reason why I strive to be strong and fight this stupid disease. (Bawi ako sa inyo pag wala na squatters sa ulo ko.) I thank HIM for all of these, and for many, many more years of good blessings.  AMEN!!!

taken last Jan. 03, 2011 after my EEG in Makati Medical center