signs? i pray so :)

Posted: July 18, 2011 in random entries, what's up? :) or down :(

I was playing with Lucas last week when Lucas’ nanny told me that Jolo’s nanny had a dream, that i was already up and about with my usual daily morning 3km running routine.  I was going downstairs ready with my running gear.  But she has never seen me running before or at least  saw me in my running gear, i was already doing radio-therapy when she came in as Jolo’s nanny.

could it be sooner? 🙂 not complaining.  Just happy that people around me even my helpers are praying that i get well sooner.  🙂

all in His perfect time 😀

i miss being hands-on with my kids,playing and getting beaten down by kuya Jolo on PS3 , doing fun runs, swimming, driving(now that SLEX is so smooth and some parts of C5)

Btw i’m looking for an  OT (occupational therapist) that does home service let me know please.


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