fever panic

Posted: July 19, 2011 in developments, my physical condition

Yesterday, I panicked, I admit, because I thought I had fever.  In my condition a little sneezing/coughing/pain/dizziness or a little feverish feeling I report it to my wife. I got worried because the first time I told Nina that I have fever, I actually had pneumonia, I had to stay at the hospital for 8 days with I.V. and meds and blood test. the second time I had fever, was just fever(thank God!)  high grade fever tho. so I was back in the hospital for a good six days I think. Again with I.V.,meds and what-nots. but yesterday, it was freaking cold in the office in the first half of the day, it was like around 24C inside our office but late in the afternoon the sun was blaring on our office room (we are at the 40th flr). It   was so hot outside it felt like the A/C was suddenly not working.  I felt hot but not feverish.  called up Nina to update her, told her it might just be the room temp and that i took a paracetamol already just in case. when she got to my office to pick me up she brought a thermometer, it registered 36.6 panic over(thank YOU!!!). whew! i just don’t like the thought of staying for a week in the hospital again.  I’d rather stay with my boys at home  😀

  1. Dapat master bring ka na din ng digital thermo sa office para iwas panic and worries… God bless always!

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