updates? update?

Posted: August 8, 2011 in random entries, Uncategorized

nothing really much to tell but for those waiting for updates, here we go  :D, I just had CBC (w/ Sodium and Potassium check) included  last Saturday the results were OK for my doctor to let me proceed with this month’s oral chemo cycle starting today til Friday. thank you to PCSO for this cycles’ meds supply, sana mas madami pa ang makinabang/matulungan mo.  i am back to work for a full month now and it feels like therapy. speaking of therapy, i am still continuing my physical and occupational therapy.  very tiring but i am happy after every session. 😀 my appetite is still ok, much better if you serve me sisig from razon’s or crispy dinuguan and laing from kanin club or halo halo noodles from le Ching!! 😀 I avoid sweets.  my tolerance for sweets kind of dwindled down a bit.  my bell’s palsy is almost gone, can’t even tell now that I had it. thank you LORD!!!

btw for those inquiring about GMP,we’re working on the gray project matters II. please wait for further announcements 🙂

more prayers and good vibes please!!


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