Posted: October 7, 2011 in random entries, what's up? :) or down :(

so we had lunch today at a pizza joint with some of my friends just at the back of our office building. since i have a hard time walking on un-even pavement. my friend jomar served as my “human walking stick” (no pun joms 🙂 )we got to the joint in one piece,albeit slow. we waited for a table since the place was packed. after some waiting we got settled, enjoyed our lunch and as usual a hearty dose of laughs that if you were one of one of us in that circle an missed it. you’ll surely be the topic of conversation.



as we are about to leave i had to prop myself properly so that my right leg will support my weight as i stand up. yes, my left leg is still not 100% but its getting there. 🙂 as i stand up i notice a table of maybe 6 or 7 people, STARING at me like i’m some kind of freak show. from the moment i stood up, up until the moment we passed by their freakin’ table i can see that they were staring at me. and i’m like what the hell? insensitive fools. maybe they weren’t breast-fed or something.  is it the first time you saw someone like me? you like my limp? i am not dingdong dantes! hell no dumb ass! i wanted to get back at them and ask what their problem was. or maybe they were so dumb witted they may want to gamble like “i say 300 bucks that guy got stroke.” “nahh i bet 500 bucks he’s got cancer look at his hair!” and so on.

i really really wanted to get back at them but a voice inside my head says, maybe my tumour speaking, “no! they are not worth it. don’t ruin your wonderful afternoon”. one of the things i was taught was that it’s impolite to stare, whoever you’re staring at. respect whoever, whatever his/her personality might be, status in life and stuff.

back then and much even now, when i see someone in a wheel chair, walking with an assistive device or whatever, one look is enough and that’s what i call respect. enough to know that “maybe that guy has something that is none of my business”.

if you saw my picture on the papers why not approach me and ask, “are you the gray matters guy?” was that so hard? again be sensitive! , R E S P E C T, WE ARE NOT A FREAK SHOW!!

  1. Jay Khaw says:

    Great to know that you are getting better and better – you will be completely healed before you know it. To hell with those people that stared, they are really not worth your effort.

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