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angels in disguise

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

two Sundays ago, just after mass, a man, somewhat in his senior year approached me and said “God Bless you!” with a smile. i said the same in response then he added “i know how how you feel, i was in that same condition a few years back, i’ll include you in my prayers.  then he introduced himself and asked if my wife and i live in the same community. after our pleasantries we bade each other good bye and promised to pray for each other.

then just this morning another man, maybe in his mid 60’s said “you’ll recover” “i had your condition before now i am ok.”you’re young. just keep on exercising, do swimming and continue your physio (therapy). you’ll get better sooner than you think.” then the elevator door opened at my floor, said our goodbyes and thanked him.

these two men, who are totally strangers to me. talking to me like a coach, telling me something that came out from their experiences, giving me some sort of pep talk before a big event. gives me strength and a lot of good vibes! even without asking what my illness was.  giving me some kind of unsolicited support. priceless!

i want to think that they could be angels in disguise. even people who hold the door for me for 30secs. sometimes more. people who assists me in getting a cab.  some are strangers, some are not.

i thank God for giving us angels.

if you’re reading this then you’re one of them. And i want to say thank you!