follow up MRI

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

so i had my followup MRI last Saturday at St. Luke’s Hospital in Q.C.  As I posted on FB, Thank GOD that there is nothing negative  from the results. it’s practically the same results as my previous MRI from September.  That is good enough for me,  of course we were praying for clear zero tumor result but then, I’ll take it 😀 it’s not bad at all. could it be that “bwelo” lang for complete healing and getting back to normal?? talk about positive thinking 🙂  i still have to hear from my oncologist on thursday for my routine checkup.

After my MRI session Niña and I went straight to Makati for lunch  then Makati Medical for my PT and OT. my therapist said that MMC has procured Neuromove, it’s like TENS but better.  better because instead of letting the machine do all the work, neuro move wont work on your muscles unless you concentrate and think about what movement you’re about to do. I cant explain much but the site says it all. I hope they use it on me 🙂


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