small school BIG SCHOOL

Posted: July 19, 2012 in random entries, what's up? :) or down :(

As expected, my wife and I have come to a point that most parents may go through :  choosing a big school.  our eldest son Jolo, is currently enrolled in a preparatory school.  The school currently only offer nursery to Kinder2.  So we’re looking into several big schools that he can or may possibly attend.  if you ask me I want him (and Lucas) to go to a school where he can be molded with a strong faith in God, grow with Good Morals and as some may say as cultured as a gentleman. embed in them the value of Work with Prayer. But I also want them to grow knowing that they are living in this world not just for themselves but for others as well.

i pray that they get into a school that will get them prepared for the real world. a school that will give them that edge.  So far we have a top 3 school in our list. we pray that Jolo gets in to one of them.


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