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Posted: September 20, 2011 in brain cancer awareness, developments, treatment

image courtesy of Lewis center for Neuro Imaging

(the person pictured above is not me) 🙂

photo courtesy of Lewis Center for Neuro Imaging

I had my MRI done last Saturday at St. Luke’s Q.C. Its a one hour session. If you’re claustrophobic, you won’t like it. The tube is so small that you’ll think that its caving in on you. I don’t mean to scare but that’s just how it feels when you’re reeled in. The room is cold,the MRI machine is cold and noisy. You lie on your back, and for an hour or more(depending on the body part that will be MRI-ed) and you’re not allowed to move. Oh and you’re strapped in the bed to prevent you from moving. You’ll be given ear muffs to help with the loud noise and a panic button in case claustro kicks in. Good thing is Nina was allowed to be beside me during the session. When the session starts you’ll here a lot of different construction-like noise, sometimes star trek-like noise as if you’re engaged in inter-galactic dog fight. That’s my cue to start my prayers, to take my mind off claustro, boredom and to ask HIM for good results. Got the results yesterday from my doctor, well, the result was same as last time, the tumor is still there but at least it did not multiply and it didn’t grew bigger. I said “thank God!! I’ll take it!” another good news is : no more chemo yet, i will be monitored via MRI every 3mos. I will also be taking a supplement to improve my immunity (Zilongjin). Please let me know if you’ve heard of it. Still, i’m begging for your prayers for complete healing. Thank so much for the support in whatever form, to you who’s reading this, you’ve helped extend my stay here on earth 🙂 salamat!


fever panic

Posted: July 19, 2011 in developments, my physical condition

Yesterday, I panicked, I admit, because I thought I had fever.  In my condition a little sneezing/coughing/pain/dizziness or a little feverish feeling I report it to my wife. I got worried because the first time I told Nina that I have fever, I actually had pneumonia, I had to stay at the hospital for 8 days with I.V. and meds and blood test. the second time I had fever, was just fever(thank God!)  high grade fever tho. so I was back in the hospital for a good six days I think. Again with I.V.,meds and what-nots. but yesterday, it was freaking cold in the office in the first half of the day, it was like around 24C inside our office but late in the afternoon the sun was blaring on our office room (we are at the 40th flr). It   was so hot outside it felt like the A/C was suddenly not working.  I felt hot but not feverish.  called up Nina to update her, told her it might just be the room temp and that i took a paracetamol already just in case. when she got to my office to pick me up she brought a thermometer, it registered 36.6 panic over(thank YOU!!!). whew! i just don’t like the thought of staying for a week in the hospital again.  I’d rather stay with my boys at home  😀

last June 27  i was diagnosed to have contracted Bell’s palsy  I complained to my wife the day before that there was something wrong. i told her the left side of my face seem to be better than the right side. More like drooping right side.  So Nina texted my doctor who happened to be out of the country, referred us to Dr. Dom Jamora(neurologist), also from St. Luke’s/PGH who happened to be Ate Mel’s classmate from med school. He said it was a good thing that I immediately noticed and complained about it. so He got me started with steroids and supplements, good for a two week treatment. Prescribed additional facial exercises and massages which my PT taught me.  after about two days of treatment, my bells is almost unnoticeable and today its almost as if nothing happened. my face is almost back to normal, almost because i still look bloated due to steroids (o – ,- o) :p

some good news…. i’m on my 2nd week back at work 🙂 feeling much better already.  gained a few pounds as well from128lbs (3weeks ago) to 135lbs as of last night 😀 been eating anything since i have no restrictions. 🙂

So yes, I went back to work last friday and it was a refreshing feeling. after being in hiatus(sort of) for a number of weeks. I really felt great being outside. Was supposed to only stay till 1 or 2 pm but i just go so engrossed doing stuffs like updating my test environment on my laptop, reviewing previous client issues and resolutions, helping out with one of the issue during that day. i ended up logging ou at 6pm. :)then pasta and pizza diner at aveneto.

then yesterday, had my bloodworks done in the morning at St. Luke’s hospital then went straight to greenbelt1 for lunch and to buy some stuff. walked around(self help therapy for my left leg). had big chill avocado shake that i missed so much, refreshing! anticipated mass in the afternoon. PT this morning, sinugbang baboy and fried veggie lumpia for lunch! namit gid! of course meds for dessert 😀 Very tiring weekend but worth it. can’t wait for Monday! wait…. can’t wait for what?! i really am sick in the head LOL!!

Today, July 1, 2011, I’m back for work. I’ll definitely miss my boys at home, but it feels good to be out of the house, different environment. feels more like therapy as well. i missed Makati, my colleagues, and the view here at our office at the 40th floor.  Missed the food from nearby restos.  oh well wish me luck. more prayers and good vibes please!!

It’s been more than six months since I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since then, I realized how blessed I was. Even if I was kind of, walking on the dark side, because I’ve been a non-practicing catholic for some time.  I can’t recall how many Sundays I missed to hear mass as compared to how I was before. I used to hear mass every Wednesday after the novena to our Lady of perpetual help, first Friday masses, and holidays of obligations even. It’s not that I don’ pray any more but I just got so comfortable thinking HE’S just around, near me. You might say I’m crazy, how can I say that I’m blessed when I can die with this disease-anytime. Well after I was informed of my condition I’ve realized   HE still let me live.  HE could’ve taken me in an instant like a severe heart attack or stroke, road accident or whatever, but no.  Is it a coincidence that my sis-in-law was a cardiologist? I guess not, how about my neurologist being her professor back in med school?  That my neuro – surgeon was the best in manila having been trained in the U.S. My neuro-oncologist was also one of the best (as of the time we met her, manila had only two neuro-oncologist).  my radio –oncologist was my Ninong Mario’s (my mom’s brother-in-law) professor in radiology back in med school? I guess – no. now I really believe that HE had planned everything for us even before we were born.  Even more blessings are the angels, cheering squad or friends who always kept our spirits up, will travel from the province just to see me here in manila.  Those who were so worried, when I didn’t go online for weeks.  Those who made fund raising a part of their precious time and sharing their talents and resources. My photog –  colleagues.  My friends from elementary, high school and college who made me feel like we never missed a day to communicate.  It’s as if we were just in school the day before they visited me. My friends from my previous employers, from unionbank, rcbc and bpi, it’s as if I still work with them. My colleagues from CCK.  I thank the Lord for giving me friends like you guys. And of course my family, my dad, my siblings, my aunts and uncles from both sides, my cousins you’re a crazy bunch!!  My mo-in-law,  my bro and sis-in -laws, relatives-in law. friends from banco de oro.  But most specially my own family, my ever patient, understanding and loving wife and my two boys. You’re my best reason why I strive to be strong and fight this stupid disease. (Bawi ako sa inyo pag wala na squatters sa ulo ko.) I thank HIM for all of these, and for many, many more years of good blessings.  AMEN!!!

taken last Jan. 03, 2011 after my EEG in Makati Medical center

i wasn’t been able to blog the last couple of weeks due to a number of things first i contracted mild pneumonia so i had to be hospitalized a couple of days then, i underwent another cycle of i.v. chemo  but this time i felt nauseous one of the common side effects of chemo therapy after the session i was given anti emetic drug to counter the effect.

btw, i want to thank all those who joined the gray matters project it’s nice seeing all the updated profile pictures on FB, and twitterbig thaanks to jill lejano who did a great job on capturing the mugshots, tatin yangfor the makeup, pam pastor,giff ricarte SALAMAT!!

i was cleaning up my old portable external HDD When an FB friend posted a video of george harrison’s song”all things must pass  i remembered some of my friends sms and fb and email msgs  telling me that this too shall pass in God’s own sweet time when they learned about my condition here is a part of the song now i’m really not familiar with the song even though i was a Beatles nut back in high school but the lyrics surprised me, very apt.

Now the darkness only stays at nighttime !

In the morning it will fade away

Daylight is good At arriving at the right time

It’s not always Going to be this grey

All things must pass

All things must pass away

All things must pass All things must pass away


today will be my4th day this week for i.v, chemo( 5th dose or cycle)then hopefully i’m checking out by Friday thank Godi have no major side effects so far like vomiting, dizziness,one of my nurses said that it seems i’m reacting positively with my treatments my blood work  are all ok as well according to my neuro-oncologist i hope and pray it stays the same  Until i get home c 😀 i’m missing my boys so much,  Jolo had slight fever last weekend then Lucas just last Tuesday but they are all ok now.

Jill Lejano, Pam Pastor and Tatin Yang joined me and my sister Ella while waiting for Nina last night here at the hospital:D thank you guys! had a hearty discussion and tons of laughter what do you expect? lol!!pam good luck with those letters:)

i also want to thank a lot of additional angels who greeted and supported me, don’t want to name names but you know who you are thank you guys , you have extended my stay here on earth God bless you all!! thank you to my prayer warriors and cheering squads, schoolmates classmates, batch mates,(feu’99/RCC’95,’94)


yep! i wrote that note on nina's board 🙂 it just fits perfectly.

shy kalbo

see you guys on the 20th of march!!!


thank you so much to all my angels , you know who you are, thank you for your prayers, support love and cheers smiles, hugs kisses, messages.  i can never thank you angels enough no words can describe how overwhelmed i am and my family at this point in our lives, from the very bottom of our hearts, thank you very very much.  we still have a long way to go but with HIM and you guys around there’s no falling back.  😀

my RT and OC ended yesterday but i will be given i.v. chemo for the next few days, again this is related to the pnet foci stuff  a couple of blogs ago. i’ll be confined for 5 days at st. luke’s global next week (march14)for treatment and to be closely monitored by my doctor  will be needing tons and tons of prayers:) i already had one  i.v. session done so this is to continue the rest of the treatment.

PS:we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the campaign we’re still working on the site and the teasers as for now please read here