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A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer – Author Unknown


Just this weekend, we took Jolo to Shoemart, Makati to buy new school shoes.  He’s complaining that his old pair is already uncomfortable. “sikip na po ang shoes.” and since i also needed a new pair of sandals to fit in my orthoses, we went to the mall.  the men’s shoe dept.  was at the 2nd floor, Niña was suggesting i get off at Ace and take the elevator going to the second floor, meet them there so that it’ll be easier for me.  When we got their I said  I think i can manage the escalators inside the department store.  my occupational therapist has taught me a lot of pointers when riding the escalator and have even practiced with the escalators inside the hospital.  So with Ling,  my sister in law, she accompanied me going to the second floor. My heart pounding like the dragon dance drums, strong (right) leg first, strong (right) leg first! i kept reminding myself. (i am a “left leg first” person, blame CAT & ROTC training for that)  When we reached the second floor, I was so relieved. whew!! It was my first time to do it outside the hospital.  After that Ling and I had an “i-thought-you-knew-her” moment.  A woman, maybe in her mid-40’s came up to me and said with a big smile: “I’m so happy for you.  I’m so glad that you are walking!” she also said that she has a relative who’s 39 years old,  a stroke victim (mayba she thought that I was one as well), who chose to be bed ridden and would refuse to walk. Because of the adrenalin, all i can mutter was a “thank you po.” Never had a chance to ask her name, like she was in a hurry.  I looked at ling and told her: “Akala ko kilala mo?” Ling: akala ko nga friend mo e.”  After that i just thought, maybe another angel? If only i could talk to her relative…

anyway, back to conquering that escalator, i did it twice on that same day.  i felt so alive!  🙂  “ang babaw”,  you might say, but it just so mean so much to be able to do  these  things again after a long time thinking if i got to do it again, i can be back to normal again if i want to and i believe I’m getting there.  🙂

on my to do list when i get back to a 100%

  • drive the car again (to Baguio and back)
  • wash the car again
  • teach my kids how to swim
  • teach my kids to ride a bike
  • get my wife to run with me again.


“A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot.”
Saint Augustine

follow up MRI

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so i had my followup MRI last Saturday at St. Luke’s Hospital in Q.C.  As I posted on FB, Thank GOD that there is nothing negative  from the results. it’s practically the same results as my previous MRI from September.  That is good enough for me,  of course we were praying for clear zero tumor result but then, I’ll take it 😀 it’s not bad at all. could it be that “bwelo” lang for complete healing and getting back to normal?? talk about positive thinking 🙂  i still have to hear from my oncologist on thursday for my routine checkup.

After my MRI session Niña and I went straight to Makati for lunch  then Makati Medical for my PT and OT. my therapist said that MMC has procured Neuromove, it’s like TENS but better.  better because instead of letting the machine do all the work, neuro move wont work on your muscles unless you concentrate and think about what movement you’re about to do. I cant explain much but the site says it all. I hope they use it on me 🙂

angels in disguise

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two Sundays ago, just after mass, a man, somewhat in his senior year approached me and said “God Bless you!” with a smile. i said the same in response then he added “i know how how you feel, i was in that same condition a few years back, i’ll include you in my prayers.  then he introduced himself and asked if my wife and i live in the same community. after our pleasantries we bade each other good bye and promised to pray for each other.

then just this morning another man, maybe in his mid 60’s said “you’ll recover” “i had your condition before now i am ok.”you’re young. just keep on exercising, do swimming and continue your physio (therapy). you’ll get better sooner than you think.” then the elevator door opened at my floor, said our goodbyes and thanked him.

these two men, who are totally strangers to me. talking to me like a coach, telling me something that came out from their experiences, giving me some sort of pep talk before a big event. gives me strength and a lot of good vibes! even without asking what my illness was.  giving me some kind of unsolicited support. priceless!

i want to think that they could be angels in disguise. even people who hold the door for me for 30secs. sometimes more. people who assists me in getting a cab.  some are strangers, some are not.

i thank God for giving us angels.

if you’re reading this then you’re one of them. And i want to say thank you!

picture picture!

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kulitJOLO  SKYLINELUCAS                KAMI


updates? update?

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nothing really much to tell but for those waiting for updates, here we go  :D, I just had CBC (w/ Sodium and Potassium check) included  last Saturday the results were OK for my doctor to let me proceed with this month’s oral chemo cycle starting today til Friday. thank you to PCSO for this cycles’ meds supply, sana mas madami pa ang makinabang/matulungan mo.  i am back to work for a full month now and it feels like therapy. speaking of therapy, i am still continuing my physical and occupational therapy.  very tiring but i am happy after every session. 😀 my appetite is still ok, much better if you serve me sisig from razon’s or crispy dinuguan and laing from kanin club or halo halo noodles from le Ching!! 😀 I avoid sweets.  my tolerance for sweets kind of dwindled down a bit.  my bell’s palsy is almost gone, can’t even tell now that I had it. thank you LORD!!!

btw for those inquiring about GMP,we’re working on the gray project matters II. please wait for further announcements 🙂

more prayers and good vibes please!!

last June 27  i was diagnosed to have contracted Bell’s palsy  I complained to my wife the day before that there was something wrong. i told her the left side of my face seem to be better than the right side. More like drooping right side.  So Nina texted my doctor who happened to be out of the country, referred us to Dr. Dom Jamora(neurologist), also from St. Luke’s/PGH who happened to be Ate Mel’s classmate from med school. He said it was a good thing that I immediately noticed and complained about it. so He got me started with steroids and supplements, good for a two week treatment. Prescribed additional facial exercises and massages which my PT taught me.  after about two days of treatment, my bells is almost unnoticeable and today its almost as if nothing happened. my face is almost back to normal, almost because i still look bloated due to steroids (o – ,- o) :p

some good news…. i’m on my 2nd week back at work 🙂 feeling much better already.  gained a few pounds as well from128lbs (3weeks ago) to 135lbs as of last night 😀 been eating anything since i have no restrictions. 🙂


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(to the tune of swv’s weak corny!)i get so  weak in the knee!! damn! after 5 days of i.v. chemo treatment it’s only today that i’m feeling a very common side effect, fatigue/ weaknessm.   tho my sense of taste is coming back up  hopefully i’ll be better in the next few days as the side effects of the meds will wear off i was just sleeping the whole day today recuperating more like eat sleep actually. too bad i can’t go the shoot today. sorry folks i’ll make it up next that i get to thank you guys personally.

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tatin yang

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