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As expected, my wife and I have come to a point that most parents may go through :  choosing a big school.  our eldest son Jolo, is currently enrolled in a preparatory school.  The school currently only offer nursery to Kinder2.  So we’re looking into several big schools that he can or may possibly attend.  if you ask me I want him (and Lucas) to go to a school where he can be molded with a strong faith in God, grow with Good Morals and as some may say as cultured as a gentleman. embed in them the value of Work with Prayer. But I also want them to grow knowing that they are living in this world not just for themselves but for others as well.

i pray that they get into a school that will get them prepared for the real world. a school that will give them that edge.  So far we have a top 3 school in our list. we pray that Jolo gets in to one of them.


updates? well nothing much, except catching up with some friends over lunch or dinner, brushing up on my Photoshop skills if there were any 🙂 by the way Big thanks to uncle T for my new machine with Intel 2nd Gen i5 🙂


anyway my therapy is still ongoing, last time i was able to stack 13 cones out of 15 un-assisted, big thanks to my very patient therapists. i think i also drive better with lesser engine stall (manual tranny folks!) 🙂 my wife also noticed that i walk better now. oh and its quite funny how some of my friends get surprised when i order beer or alcoholic drink. they give me those wide- eye expressions. 🙂 Don’t worry, i don’t “drink ’til I’m blind” kind of way”. :p

Anyway, ’til my next post! Cheers!

i take 12tabs of these each day.  anyone out there who knows where i can source these at a cheaper price? please PM/DM me. thank you.

Just this weekend, we took Jolo to Shoemart, Makati to buy new school shoes.  He’s complaining that his old pair is already uncomfortable. “sikip na po ang shoes.” and since i also needed a new pair of sandals to fit in my orthoses, we went to the mall.  the men’s shoe dept.  was at the 2nd floor, Niña was suggesting i get off at Ace and take the elevator going to the second floor, meet them there so that it’ll be easier for me.  When we got their I said  I think i can manage the escalators inside the department store.  my occupational therapist has taught me a lot of pointers when riding the escalator and have even practiced with the escalators inside the hospital.  So with Ling,  my sister in law, she accompanied me going to the second floor. My heart pounding like the dragon dance drums, strong (right) leg first, strong (right) leg first! i kept reminding myself. (i am a “left leg first” person, blame CAT & ROTC training for that)  When we reached the second floor, I was so relieved. whew!! It was my first time to do it outside the hospital.  After that Ling and I had an “i-thought-you-knew-her” moment.  A woman, maybe in her mid-40’s came up to me and said with a big smile: “I’m so happy for you.  I’m so glad that you are walking!” she also said that she has a relative who’s 39 years old,  a stroke victim (mayba she thought that I was one as well), who chose to be bed ridden and would refuse to walk. Because of the adrenalin, all i can mutter was a “thank you po.” Never had a chance to ask her name, like she was in a hurry.  I looked at ling and told her: “Akala ko kilala mo?” Ling: akala ko nga friend mo e.”  After that i just thought, maybe another angel? If only i could talk to her relative…

anyway, back to conquering that escalator, i did it twice on that same day.  i felt so alive!  🙂  “ang babaw”,  you might say, but it just so mean so much to be able to do  these  things again after a long time thinking if i got to do it again, i can be back to normal again if i want to and i believe I’m getting there.  🙂

on my to do list when i get back to a 100%

  • drive the car again (to Baguio and back)
  • wash the car again
  • teach my kids how to swim
  • teach my kids to ride a bike
  • get my wife to run with me again.


“A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot.”
Saint Augustine

Thank You!!

Posted: December 31, 2011 in random entries, what's up? :) or down :(

Lord, thank you for giving me this year. It’s not what i expected but I think it made me a better person. Better in way that I value life more and that it is indeed too short. I have a new found respect for cancer patients who, like me , whatever our reasons may be, keeps on fighting this disease to stay alive for ourselves and for our loved ones. Thank you for giving me cancer as I believe it has renewed my faith and trust in you. It has made me and my family closer to you. It has made me and my family stronger as a whole. It brought me and my friends together to fight as one. And because of that me and my family felt that we were not alone in this battle, and realized that there are true angels among us, we just don’t notice it but they are everywhere–family, friends, work mates, co-parents, even strangers. It’s been a year of blessings if I may say so. Call me crazy but it really think this was a year of blessings. I pray that 2012 will be of more graces from You. That no one will undergo what we’ve been through. It’s been a tough 2011, but what the heck! I’ll take it any time!! Again thank you LORD!! Happy New Year!!!


so we had lunch today at a pizza joint with some of my friends just at the back of our office building. since i have a hard time walking on un-even pavement. my friend jomar served as my “human walking stick” (no pun joms 🙂 )we got to the joint in one piece,albeit slow. we waited for a table since the place was packed. after some waiting we got settled, enjoyed our lunch and as usual a hearty dose of laughs that if you were one of one of us in that circle an missed it. you’ll surely be the topic of conversation.



as we are about to leave i had to prop myself properly so that my right leg will support my weight as i stand up. yes, my left leg is still not 100% but its getting there. 🙂 as i stand up i notice a table of maybe 6 or 7 people, STARING at me like i’m some kind of freak show. from the moment i stood up, up until the moment we passed by their freakin’ table i can see that they were staring at me. and i’m like what the hell? insensitive fools. maybe they weren’t breast-fed or something.  is it the first time you saw someone like me? you like my limp? i am not dingdong dantes! hell no dumb ass! i wanted to get back at them and ask what their problem was. or maybe they were so dumb witted they may want to gamble like “i say 300 bucks that guy got stroke.” “nahh i bet 500 bucks he’s got cancer look at his hair!” and so on.

i really really wanted to get back at them but a voice inside my head says, maybe my tumour speaking, “no! they are not worth it. don’t ruin your wonderful afternoon”. one of the things i was taught was that it’s impolite to stare, whoever you’re staring at. respect whoever, whatever his/her personality might be, status in life and stuff.

back then and much even now, when i see someone in a wheel chair, walking with an assistive device or whatever, one look is enough and that’s what i call respect. enough to know that “maybe that guy has something that is none of my business”.

if you saw my picture on the papers why not approach me and ask, “are you the gray matters guy?” was that so hard? again be sensitive! , R E S P E C T, WE ARE NOT A FREAK SHOW!!

I was playing with Lucas last week when Lucas’ nanny told me that Jolo’s nanny had a dream, that i was already up and about with my usual daily morning 3km running routine.  I was going downstairs ready with my running gear.  But she has never seen me running before or at least  saw me in my running gear, i was already doing radio-therapy when she came in as Jolo’s nanny.

could it be sooner? 🙂 not complaining.  Just happy that people around me even my helpers are praying that i get well sooner.  🙂

all in His perfect time 😀

i miss being hands-on with my kids,playing and getting beaten down by kuya Jolo on PS3 , doing fun runs, swimming, driving(now that SLEX is so smooth and some parts of C5)

Btw i’m looking for an  OT (occupational therapist) that does home service let me know please.

last June 27  i was diagnosed to have contracted Bell’s palsy  I complained to my wife the day before that there was something wrong. i told her the left side of my face seem to be better than the right side. More like drooping right side.  So Nina texted my doctor who happened to be out of the country, referred us to Dr. Dom Jamora(neurologist), also from St. Luke’s/PGH who happened to be Ate Mel’s classmate from med school. He said it was a good thing that I immediately noticed and complained about it. so He got me started with steroids and supplements, good for a two week treatment. Prescribed additional facial exercises and massages which my PT taught me.  after about two days of treatment, my bells is almost unnoticeable and today its almost as if nothing happened. my face is almost back to normal, almost because i still look bloated due to steroids (o – ,- o) :p

some good news…. i’m on my 2nd week back at work 🙂 feeling much better already.  gained a few pounds as well from128lbs (3weeks ago) to 135lbs as of last night 😀 been eating anything since i have no restrictions. 🙂

So yes, I went back to work last friday and it was a refreshing feeling. after being in hiatus(sort of) for a number of weeks. I really felt great being outside. Was supposed to only stay till 1 or 2 pm but i just go so engrossed doing stuffs like updating my test environment on my laptop, reviewing previous client issues and resolutions, helping out with one of the issue during that day. i ended up logging ou at 6pm. :)then pasta and pizza diner at aveneto.

then yesterday, had my bloodworks done in the morning at St. Luke’s hospital then went straight to greenbelt1 for lunch and to buy some stuff. walked around(self help therapy for my left leg). had big chill avocado shake that i missed so much, refreshing! anticipated mass in the afternoon. PT this morning, sinugbang baboy and fried veggie lumpia for lunch! namit gid! of course meds for dessert 😀 Very tiring weekend but worth it. can’t wait for Monday! wait…. can’t wait for what?! i really am sick in the head LOL!!